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Teaching children about local history is very important. After all, how will they know who they truly are, unless they learn where they come from.

 A boy can not sit still, a boy can not concentrate on writing, a boy must be taught these things. The boy's ancestors were Smugglers, Inn Keeps, Fishermen.

Perhaps a boy does better with numbers, dancing, or running, perhaps a boy learns better outside than in, or better inside when stood up.

Much to consider...

The History Projects experiences are primarily aimed at getting children outside, off of their bottoms, and learning about history in the fresh air. Yes, yes, we can go to a school if we have to, this is not our first choice.

Devious Deal Discovered is a module we tailor-made for the lovely Mrs. Hunnisett, formally of Sandown School but more recently requested by the great Mr. Thompson also of Sandown School.  Mrs. Hunniset aimed to learn about the more devious, undesirable side of Deal's history. A theme continued by Sandown School, a local school that believes strongly in giving its pupils, as many enriching outside experiences as it can reasonably provide.

Naturally, when the word devious is mentioned with regards to Deal's history, smugglers, privateers, and pirates turn up. This is not our main smuggling experience and if one is looking to learn about smuggling they should start with our interactive smuggling experience. This is an experience that has a bit less information and a bit more fun and is more suited to key stage 1.

Children should always be dressed up during these experiences, we are trying to take their minds to a historic dimension, they have no business remaining in the here and now. A pirate costume is good but if not, Captain American will always do!!!!

We are taking these children on a journey now, a boy can not sit still, good!!!! a girl needs to have a dance, good!!! soon they will all be being smugglers and pirates, and the rest they say, "is history".

We cover some very important information, extremely important. How can a child learn about pirates if they do not why they wore an eye patch!!?? Surely you didn't think they all had an eye missing, right?

Many argue that there were no pirates in Deal, how ignorant to presume that so, ok. Next, they argue there were no acts of piracy recorded off of Deal, perhaps that is so, but Deal had a type of Pirate, famously known for his escapades, he was a privateer. If you don't know what that is perhaps you need to book the experience.

How can we teach children about Pirates without teaching them the difference between a Pirate and a Privateer? a child must know these things, must they not?

We would not ever teach hate at The History Project, but we wouldn't be teaching history properly if we didn't encourage a healthy disrespect for the French. I am joking, of course, we love the french, they provided us with many bloody showdowns to talk about.

A shout out to Gary Kemp of Tower Print and Design for lending us his 'Rotary Pirate Hunt Outfit', for this experience. Since then The History Projects in-house Pirate "Old Joe Crow" has plundered many ships and upgraded his garb and nowadays looks a finer specimen.  Seriously, is that a Viking belt. This is the way of a non-profit company rubbing shekels together to provide these experiences for free or subsidized.

Help us deliver more free experiences for our awesome children!!! 


A show and tell, history is still out there is it not? in the ground just waiting to be found. This is why we invested in metal detectors and built an experience just for that.

For those not attuned to hunting for historic artifacts, don't worry, we have done that for you. All of our artifacts have been found by 'The History Project' Director Pete. There is an important lesson to be learned, what one can find when they step away from screens and venture out into the world.

If Pete can be Indiana Jones, why can not the children be Indiana Jones too!!!


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