An epic school experience all about Pirates and Smugglers here in Deal and this local area

This is a two hour, activity-rich experience best delivered in school. We take the children back to a time where Smugglers and Pirates were doing their dodgy business. The children will get to meet Old Joe Crow The History Projects own Pirate, It includes lots of local stories and connects local history whilst encompassing wider history also. The experience is concluded with a Pop-up Museum, rich in historic finds of the era. (access to a projector or digital screen required)

Devious deal discovered pirate school experience

  • What Devious Deal Discovered means
  • How to talk like a pirate
  • What the difference is between a smuggler and a pirate is (activity role-play) and then the difference between a pirate and a privateer
  • How smugglers smuggled (activity role-play)
  • Famous & local pirates and privateers

how to talk like a pirate school experience

  • Pirate facts
  • Stories of smugglers and customs men
  • The tragic story of the Widow Drew
  • Pop-up museum


Our price - £250