Amazing history experiences that will transform your pupils into learning machines!!!

We offer experiences covering the following topics:

Roman History School Experience, Smuggling School History Experience, Tudor Walking Tour,  Piers over the Years,  The Goodwin Sands - history and local geography,  World War 2 - The Battle of Britain and Evacuation of Dunkirk,  Pirates & Smugglers - Devious Deal Discovered,                                  Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting Experiences.

We believe understanding where we come from gives us roots from which we can confidently lead our lives, we provide interactive immersive history experiences that are guaranteed to get young minds inspired and kick start or add to your school topic work!!!

Over the last 3 years, we have provided experiences for over 2000 children in schools and always receive amazing feedback. We often offer experiences for FREE with money we raise, but can only offer this when we have funding available.  


How do we turn a child into a learning machine? 

Well, we like to get off to a good start with a pattern interrupt that clearly shouts, "This is not going to be an ordinary day at school!! this is going to be an extraordinary day!! so listen". 

We have learned that the key to teaching children effectively is most easily achieved by enabling them to become inspired by a chosen topic.

We get the grey matter glowing by putting them into a learning state and keep it really fun as the knowledge is applied. This makes for a great foundation when starting a new topic and is fantastic at consolidating a topic you are nearing completion.

...we believe every child should have access to awesome educational experiences that will introduce them to or reinforce the principle that history is fun and amazing and so is learning and school!!

Sadly, we live in a world where schools are underfunded and often have to prioritise core costs including capital and operational expenditure over these much-needed experiences which are considered optional.

This is why we do our utmost to raise as much money as possible through our non-profit organisation, to ensure our experiences are extremely affordable or free (if we do really well with the fundraising.)

To date 'The History Project' has provided beneficial experiences to over 2000 children for FREE and many more at a subsidised price.

 Typically our experiences are half the price of other companies if not a third of the price and we pride ourselves on trying to raise as much finance as possible to deliver as many free experiences as we are able.



For detailed descriptions and prices please Contact Us.