It has been in the making for some time and now it has come to fruition. (book your place to see the show by clicking -------------->HERE<----------------)

Ever since The History Project started, George has wanted to deliver a 'play' through Middle Street. It has been something we have been working on for a while now but not pursuing because whilst both George and I are multi-talented, we are not actors and would not do the project justice.

We decided to team up with ReShake Theatre to help us deliver a show like no other. A show that makes Middle Street come alive and take the viewer back a few hundred years. Please, do not confuse this show with our costumed walking tours, this is far from it.

Dastardly Deal is co-written and produced by The History Project and Reshake Theatre but entirely performed by Reshake. when it comes to acting we decided to leave it to the professionals and they are amazing.

The show follows a number of local characters ranging from Billy Bates, a local dangerous smuggler with a taste for cheap women, Betty, a lady of the night who has the smugglers wrapped around her little finger, historic writer and poet Elizabeth Carter, and more... It could be classed as moving street theatre and takes you on a journey through the winding Middle Street area once known for its rich smuggling activities.

The show will open on Friday the 23 rd of July at 6 pm and will follow the following schedule

Friday 6pm

Saturday 2pm & 6pm

Sunday 2pm & 6pm

It lasts approximately 1 hour.

Two actors alternate each night meaning that you can literally see the same show 3 times over and have a different experience!!

You can book your place to see the show by clicking -------------->HERE<----------------