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Smuggling on the Kent Coast

Join The History Project on and adventure into Kent's shady past as we learn all about the notorious smuggling trade that gripped the south coast of England, and an era when armed men ruled the night bringing contraband across the channel and avoiding the dreaded tax.  Learn about the smuggling trades innocent origins, its violent heyday and how smugglers threatened the economy of our country and it’s national security! How did the Napoleonic wars affect the wicked trade? And how was it eventually brought to an end. 


Henry VIII and the Castles on the Coast

Delve into the fascinating life of Henry VIII, the red headed tyrant who wasn’t born heir to the throne.  Learn about the tragic event which made him King, his issues with France and Spain and the reformation of the church and dissolution of the monasteries.  This is the story of Kent’s troubled coastline and the events that led to the invasion threat of 1539.  Why was King Henry VIII forced to build a 2.5 mile fortress to protect an off-shore harbour just off the coast of Kent?


I Came, I Saw, I Conquered – The Life of Julius Caesar

Arguably one of the most famous characters in history, Julius Caesar changed the world.  The Roman statesman had a gift for resolving problems with solutions very few people would have even imagined.  This fascinating talk explores his life, from his birth in 100 BC to his eventual assassination.  Why did Rome find itself in a political stalemate and how did Caesar manipulate the situation to become the most powerful man in world.  Why did he invade Gaul and become a conqueror?