It may seem like a strange question, but the road entrance to the British Prime Minister’s house hasn’t always been barred, and visitors could walk up to the famous door and get their photo taken. Of course quite understandably that’s all changed now and protective gates guard the entrance to the road. The planning application was filed on 23rd May 1989, and were approved on the 4th October that same year, but those gates were not the first time in history Downing Street has been protected.
A barrier was first erected back in 1920, for fear of attack by campaigners for a free Irish state. A few years later in 1922 they were removed as the Irish Free State was created, and the threat had passed. Then in 1973 normal road vehicle access was restricted and another barrier was installed, but pedestrians could still walk up to the famous door and get their photo taken.
That changed In 1982, when low level railings were installed across the entrance in response to IRA terrorism and tourists were stopped from capturing that iconic shot. So did any of you manage it? We’d love to hear your story in the comments section. Extra points given to anyone who can tell us the identity of the little boy in the photo.