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More than just an online history website...

Some of you have been following us right from the start and some of you may have just arrived. In the short time since we began, we have striven to inspire, educate and entertain people from all ages and backgrounds, all over the world.

For awhile now, it may have seemed like we were your normal bog standard history blog site and you can be forgiven for getting that impression. However, over the last year we have been busy behind the scenes planning and implementing our goals for this project.

But before we go into that let us first tell you a bit about ourselves and how this all began in the first place...

Who we are...

The History Project was created by two childhood friends, George Chittenden and Peter Fishlock. Growing up in the streets of the historic town of Deal in Kent, England, the pair became fascinated with the history of their town.

Both George and Pete feel privileged to have been born and raised in such a historical and interesting location.

George is an award-winning tour guide and novelist. Pete has a background in media production, social media marketing, and project management.

What we do...

Over the last year, we have reached out to people of all ages and backgrounds and have engaged on history related topics. We do this on a local and international level.

Historic Walking Tours (local)

Having had a successful season last year delivering great historic walking tours this year we added another tour to our list. We offer 4 different tours - Castles on the Coast (35 mins £3), The Smugglers Trail (55 mins £5), The Story of Deal's Piers over the Years (35mins £free) and the new Deal History Tour (55 mins £5). We do take private group bookings for clubs and associations which include a small discount and can be delivered during the week and in the evenings.

Community History Night / HP Live Talks (local/International)

This popular local show features speakers that have a passion for a particular time in history and are willing to share that through a presentation on stage. Think 'TEDTALKS' meets 'The History Project'. Locally it is a popular evening for our town and its visitors. We are in the process of editing these talks and getting them uploaded for the world to see, and some talks are already available. Admission £5 the show last approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Free or Subsidised School Visits (local)

Schools all over England are suffering from a severe lack of funding. This puts constraints on how the schools can creatively teach children about history. We launched our school visits last year with a free event at one of our local schools. It lasted two full days and included 400 children giving them a day they will never forget. We aim to be able to deliver free events at schools, if not free subsidised heavily. but for this, we may need your help.

Free or Subsidised Talks to Community Groups (local)

We would like to engage with people of all ages and backgrounds. Whilst the schools give us great access to the younger generation and our community night at the theatre provides us access to a more mature audience, we are aware there are people out there that have limited access or mobility. For this reason, we visit community groups. Groups such as the Recycled Teenagers and the Woman's Institute are among those that have benefited from this service.

Free Mini-Documentaries (International)

We love history and launched this project with a number of mini-documentaries and short videos. They are a great source of education and entertainment and we plan to make many more in the future. They can be found on the video tab up the top of the site.

Free Articles (International) Website & Facebook

Regular content is the cornerstone of any good online media page. That is why we are lucky to have George and a growing number of content writers that provide the frequent history articles you can find on the website and our growing Facebook page of over 68,000 followers.

Events and Behind the Scenes Coverage

Have an event or documentary/movie you would like help promoting. We can provide assistance. We make our own content and can help trickle that out over a longer campaign or help with a blast of content to promote a particular date. email for more information: thehistoryproject@yahoo.com.

Why we do it...

We love history, it teaches us lessons about our past that help guides us in the future. Mainstream media has kind of high-jacked our history with people taking lessons from shows such as Vikings. Our children are spending more time on-line skipping past history rather than spending time learning from it.

We wanted to do something about this, on the small scale and the large. In close knit communities such as our home town and on the worldwide playground of Facebook and the rest of the internet.

History is important and we intend to be there in its corner, inspiring people of all ages, educating people from all backgrounds and entertaining people the world over.

We strive to bring people and communities together under the History Project Banner.

We promote history by...

offering free articles and videos, providing free history experiences for children in schools and on weekends. Next year we will be visiting hospitals and providing unforgettable experiences to children who really need it and give them a chance to forget their condition, their treatment and their reality. Please join others who support our free projects by giving a small donation. We can only continue our great work with your help.


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