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School Experiences with The History Project

Understanding where we come from gives us roots from which we can confidently lead our lives.

We believe that learning about history and heritage enables children to create anchor points to their lives, helping them to understand, accept and appreciate the linkages between the past and the present which is absolutely essential for a good understanding of the condition of being human.

Strength in Diversity

We love teaching children about history in a fun and inspirational way. Whilst we do visit schools and deliver tailored history experiences, we have found that children learn best when they get out and away from their normal learning surroundings. Because of this we offer flexible history experiences on site to suit each individuals schools needs.

Please take a minute to watch this short video which show cases some past events.

Taking care of the finance so you do not have to

We believe children's futures are worth investing in, this is why we work tirelessly to raise enough money so your experience can be free. To date most of school experiences we have delivered have been free of charge. Unfortunately we are unable to provide this service for free to private schools or independent special schools but we do still subsidise our fee making us a great value option.

The Battle of the Three Kings

School at Deal Castle

Deal Castle

Great memories were made exploring the times of Henry VIII at Deal Castle. The children learnt about Henry VIII, Charles V and Francis I and why and how the Castles in Deal were built. The day included guest appearances by 'all three kings'. The Children completed a practical challenge of building a castle and were shown replica examples of the ammo of the day, before taking some time to explore the Castle's rounds, where they had a shocking surprise!!

Shady Smuggling History

Smugglers on the Beach

Smugglers on the Beach

This School went back to a time when smugglers ruled the roost. They met and helped to apprehend 'Shady Pete' a local smuggler, learnt all about the smuggling trade and whilst we love to introduce the children to potential future occupations, we hope smuggling is not one of them.

A Roman Invasion

A Roman Invasion

A Roman Invasion

Slap-stick theatre is a tool we used here to explain Julius Caesar's arrival in Great Britain. This was a huge group of 200 children, a home project was done prior the event asking parents to arm and costume their children as either Romans or Celts. The Children completed battle training, mastering formations such as the 'Testudo', well needed for when the Celts unleashed their mighty 'War Cry' and threw the papier mache heads, (simulating the severed heads of enemy dipped in quick lime). After having a great time at war the children headed back to school for a show and tell, where they got to put on the armour and hold replica swords and artefacts.

The Pop up Museum

Keys to the Kingdom

Keys to the Kingdom

Growing up with characters such as 'Indiana Jones' we love to hunt for treasure and we love the narrative that the children can be treasure hunters too! using genuine historical artefacts found by us, we are able to teach the children that history and treasure is sometimes inches away from our feet. There is no substitute for being able to hold real history in your hand and with our ever growing collection we are able to deliver mini pop up museums to classrooms.

What to do next

If you are a teacher looking for a history experience feel free to ask us anything you like by using the Ask a Question section.

If you are a reader browsing this section know that you can have direct input into making these experiences happen. By pressing 'Support the History Project' below and giving what you can, you are investing in the future and making many little people have experiences that will remain with them for the rest of their lives

We promote history by...

offering free articles and videos, providing free history experiences for children in schools and on weekends. Next year we will be visiting hospitals and providing unforgettable experiences to children who really need it and give them a chance to forget their condition, their treatment and their reality. Please join others who support our free projects by giving a small donation. We can only continue our great work with your help.


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