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Wives Wanted

Written by: George Chittenden : 08 Nov 2019

This lovely photo was taken in 1899 when some Montana woodmen resorted to advertising for wives. As adventurous men moved from the eastern United States into the Dakotas, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho in the pursuit of frontier jobs like logging, farming, and ranching, they left an abundance of women in their wake. The west was wild and populated mostly by men, so as you can imagine it wouldn’t have been easy to find a lady and the loneliness would have been tough.

Montana woodmen advertising for wives

Montana woodmen advertising for wives

Many men who had travelled west prospered financially, but struggled when it came to settling down and starting a family. So in order to attract women they would place advertisements in magazines and newspapers. Interested women could initiate correspondence by letter, and if it went well could join them on the frontier. Going back to the photo, I love how that guy is holding that cat in a tempting fashion


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