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The Big Macs Arrive In Moscow!

Written by: George Chittenden : 24 Oct 2019

This brilliant photo was taken on Jan 31st, 1990 when the American fast food chain Mcdonalds finally arrived in the Soviet Union with the opening of a restaurant in Pushkinskaya Square in the centre of Moscow. The fast food giant had petitioned the Communist Party to grant them permission to open a restaurant and they agreed in 1988. Only the very best staff were recruited, from top universities who could speak foreign languages and displayed brilliant customer service skills.

Mcdonalds opens in Moscow

Mcdonalds opens in Moscow

The launch was a huge success with thousands queuing to get their hands on a burger. In actual fact the ques were several kilometres long at one stage, and a new record was set for the most customers on its first day of opening by serving over 30,000 customers! Even now Mcdonalds is thriving in Russia, with over 650 restaurants across the country.


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