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On This Day… New Amsterdam Became New York!

Written by: Peter Fishlock : 08 Sep 2019

It was on this day, 8th Sept, back in 1664 when the Dutch Governor of New Amsterdam, Peter Stuyvesant, surrendered the capital of New Netherland to an English naval squadron. Shortly after the English captured the city they renamed it, from New Amsterdam to New York, to honour the Duke of York who had organised the mission. It wasn’t until June 1665 when the name change became official and was reincorporated under English law. The Duke of York would later become King James II, and was the brother of the King Charles II, who had been granted the lands.

The Big Apple’s story started in 1624 when it was established by the Dutch West India Company, and to make it legitimate Dutch Governor Peter Minuit formally purchased Manhattan from a local tribe from which it derives its name. He supposedly purchased Manhattan in exchange for some goods that were valued at only $24! However, it didn’t take long before an armed conflict broke out between the Dutch and the Manhattans. After the English took control, they lived alongside the Dutch relatively peacefully, until 1673 when they regained the city. They didn’t hold control of the city for long though, and in 1674 it was returned to the English. After the American Revolution, New York became the first capital of the United States. Nowadays it’s the most populated city in the United States.


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