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On This Day… Convicted Of Espionage!

Written by: George Chittenden : 09 Jul 2019

It was on this day, 29th March, back in 1951 when two American citizens were convicted of espionage and sentenced to death. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were tried, convicted and eventually executed for transmitting nuclear weapon designs, top-secret information about radar, sonar, and jet propulsion engines to the Soviet Union. The Rosenberg’s arrest came after British authorities, caught Klaus Fuchs, a German-born scientist who they suspected of espionage.

Ethel and Julius Rosenberg

Ethel and Julius Rosenberg

Fuchs confessed that an American named Harry Gold served as a courier for Soviet agents, and then Gold gave up David Greenglass, a man who worked at the laboratory where the atomic bomb had been developed. It was Greenglass who accused his sister and brother-in-law, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, of being the spies who controlled the entire operation.

Sing Sing Prison

Sing Sing Prison

As the judge, Irving Kaufman issued the death penalty he informed the Rosenbergs that he held them responsible not only for espionage but also for the deaths of thousands of American soldiers in the Korean War. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed on June 19th, 1953 in Sing Sing Prison in New York.

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